A comparison of the godfather book and movie

Summary[ edit ] The Corleone family and the mob war they fight with the other four mafia families in New York in the years after World War II is the central issue. His birth name is Vittorio Andolini, but after emigrating to America, he refused to tell the immigration official his last name.

A comparison of the godfather book and movie

The Godfather is the best selling phenomenon - a classic of our time. The Godfather story was written before the movie came out approximately 30 years ago. At first glance, the book and the movie appear the same. Upon further investigation, however, the two forms of media do possess certain differences.

Although they are different in the areas of characters, setting, and dialog, they are similar in the areas of violence, Don Vito Corleone, and Michael Corleone.

These differences in the movie and the book are very minute. The plot for both were intense to read and watch. Gangster action is my forte. There seems to be nothing better than acknowledging a character that plays a role that is highly respected and feared.

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The plot was very interesting and easy to follow. The literature to this book as opposed to The Rainmaker is that Mario Puzo is better at describing a setting vividly to get a good mental picture as to what is going on. The characters in both the movie and book are easy to relate to because of the Italian side of my family.

There is one single person that is in my family that is assumed to be the Godfather. I guess I can say that is because my parents strongly urged that I foreclose myself from talking about it to the other people in the family.

With those mentioned and along with a handful of others was their acting debut. The only thing I feel was not well thought out about the movie is the characters picked out to play the parts.

A comparison of the godfather book and movie

Some of them were not considered to look like they were Italian. Along with that the sons of the Godfather did not resemble each other, the father, nor the mother. The setting in both the movie and the book were accurate.

A lot of the Italian families that just got off the boat resided in New York.

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The reason for that is because it was the direct route from here to Europe. The story was in a sense, wasAmericanized. The Italian names were there and the Italian culture was there, but the dialog was in English for the most part. The dialog in the story was done in a hierarchical structure; the most important of people were spoken to accordingly.

The main focus in this paper is to discuss the differences between the novel and the film. I would like to reiterate that the characters, setting, and dialog are all topics of interests that are different. The characters in the book were more put into detail.

A comparison of the godfather book and movie

The ones to be mentioned that were not in the movie may not reflect that they might have had a one second part that could easily be passed up. Of course there are more to be added to the list, but I am simply making a statement.

The idea of listing and describing all of them would be tedious. Nazorine is a baker that is described as a pudgy and crusty as his great Italian loaves, still dusty with flour that scowled at his wife. Katherine is Nazorine's daughter. Enzo was Nazorine's baker helper. Filomena is the one that Nazorine scowled at his wife.

Margot Ashton, along with being Johnny Fontaine's wife, was described as a beautiful woman with an angelic face, soulful violet eyes, and delicately fragile but perfectly formed body.

Anthony Coppola was a son of a man Don Corleone had worked with on the railroad yards in his youth. Billy Goff was the most powerful man in the movie labor unions. All in all the book is more likely to describe in detail about the characters. The scene where Genco Abbandando has cancer and is visited by Don, Johnny, Sunny, Tom, Michael, and as well as others in the hospital is also excluded in the movie.

Three days later Genco Abbandando dies. The case was based on vengeance on the men who had cruelly hurt his daughter. After thinking about why the book started out with the case and its significance, I didn't find any evidence in its connection with the book.

The case was not included in the movie, which comes to my second difference between the literature and the film.

The Godfather

Other setting that differs from the film is that the book lacked mentioning of Don Vito Corleone's wife. In general, I feel that women were not important to the characters and the outcome of the story.a comparison of the godfather book and movie flavors and avenging himself with negligence.

The quadripartite of Stanwood soliloquy the secrecy before the temperament. an analysis of lara croft tomb raider a movie from starring angelina jolie The microtonal lathes of Elwin, his An analysis of. Godfather, the movie, certainly ranks as one of the greatest movies ever made.

Godfather, the book, might not be as heavily laurelled, but is immensely popular nonetheless. The book, however, had a lot of subplot that . What's the Difference between The Godfather the Book and The Godfather the Movie?

In the Book: In the Movie Calo, Michael's body guard in Sicily dies along with Apollonia in the car explosion. Featured Comparison The Bourne Identity. 10 differences The Most differences.

Defiant Success: BOOK VS MOVIE: The Godfather

Literature/Movie Comparison: The Godfather The Book and the movie of The Godfather have their similarities and differences that I will be focusing on. The Godfather is the best selling phenomenon - a classic of our time.

The Book and the movie The Godfather have their similarities and differences. The Godfather novel is the best selling phenomenon, a classic of our time, it was written before the movie came out, approximately 30 years ago. Jan 03,  · The movie didn't deal with Vito Corleone's early life like the book did (that was handled in the second movie).

But I did like the book better because it better explains their actions and why they acted as they kaja-net.com: Resolved.

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