A discussion of the fundamentals of borrowing

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A discussion of the fundamentals of borrowing

Lock in at a lower interest rate Stretch payments out up to 60 months Break up cost into afforable monthly payments Fixed APR Product Allows patients to secure a low APR and select a term that yields an affordable monthly payment.

A discussion of the fundamentals of borrowing

Provide Real-Life Examples Situational stories can help illustrate the benefits of dental care financing products. Layering financing solutions into real-life scenarios helps make the information more digestible and relatable to the patient. Jim is on a fixed retirement budget and needs dental work.

With this knowledge in mind, she opted for a no-interest product that allows her to pay off in 12 months with no interest. Sarah has two children requiring dental care. She likes that, with a revolving account, she can easily add on additional transactions when needed and manage the payments together.

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Leverage Simple Tools and Resources Visuals can also effectively educate patients on financing solutions. To facilitate a productive discussion with patients, equip your staff with a toolkit of resources to help explain payment options. An online loan calculator is a quick and effective way to determine monthly payments based on the length and type of plan.

As a lump sum, dental work can overwhelm patients, but when converted into digestible monthly payments, the cost can become more manageable. Printed materials, such as brochures and infographics, provide supplementary information that patients can take with them.

Materials with easy-to-understand graphics and language summarize and distinguish your finance products. Implementing these three steps will help build staff confidence while cultivating patient trust and understanding.

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At HCS, we work with dental practices and networks to enhance their patient financing programs through staff training, continuing education and an array of patient tools — in turn, helping to simplify the complexities of financing.Household debt and foreign currency borrowing in new member states of the EU.

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Fundamentals: Real Estate Finance Course for Professionals

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A discussion of the fundamentals of borrowing

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Can Learning Explain Boom-Bust Cycles In Asset Prices? An Application to the US Housing Boom Colin Caines liberalizations in households' borrowing environment concurrent .

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