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Cast and characters[ edit ] Main current cast[ edit ] Marta Dusseldorp as Sarah Adams, who despite a strictly religious Catholic upbringing, had moved to Paris to be with the man she loved and to adopt his Jewish faith. A new life awaits her, however, when she comes to work for the local hospital near the Bligh family, whom she met while serving as a nurse on the ship taking them all back to Australia from Europe. Later, she is astonished to hear a report that her husband is still alive following World War II, and her life again spins into troubled times. She is at first rude and cruel to Sarah, but she grudgingly mellows over time.

Australian drama

After a number of jobs, he went to work as a stockman in the north-west which brought him into contact with more tribal indigenous communities. This led him to become very articulate and he ended up becoming a spokesperson and activist on Australian drama of his people.

In —71, he was nominated as Director of the Aboriginal Centre, Perth. His interest in indigenous stories and writing grew during his years as a stockman and from until and Davis made sure that many indigenous writers had their work published through his position as Managing Editor Australian drama the Aboriginal Publications Foundation.

His first book, an anthology of poetry called The First-Born, was published in Poems from Aboriginal Australia followed in It was an exciting way of reaching a wide audience.

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I started writing a play called The Steel and the Stone. He wrote a short play The Biter Bit, about a group of country Aborigines who go to Sydney and are able to con a con man.

The play had a four-week season as part of the Portsmouth Festival — ironically during a re-enactment of the launching of the First Fleet. It has been revived many times. No-one can underestimate the impact that Robert J. Photograph from the season of Robert J. Like many Indigenous plays since, The Cake Man uses contemporary dialogue and themes but places them in a recent historical context.

Australian drama

Brian Syron as Sweet William in the first production of 'The Cake Man' The play mourns the loss of indigenous culture and criticizes missions and forced religious conversions.

As Sweet William states in the play: Merritt was in the audience of the opening night of his play 'The Cake Man' under police guard as at the time he was an inmate at Long Bay Jail. Merritt went onto write a number of other plays exploring the same issues as The Cakeman including his short play Short Changed which investigated many of issues facing urban indigenous males.

Australian drama

Stylistically, The Cake Man can be contrasted with much Australian drama of the period because of its unique combination of direct audience address and poetic realism when confronting its audience with complex issues of indigenous identity: Epilogue from The Cake Man: Pause But I want it back…I need it back.

The play, which explores the tensions surrounding Indigenous land rights did not see its first full production until It is also one of the first Australian Plays to deal with issue of the Stolen Generation.

Johnson is a poet, actor, director, playwright, teacher and academic.


As a young child she was forcibly removed from her family and relocated to the Croker Island Mission.Australian Aboriginal Drama!OI in the S.4 Davis, after many years in Western Australia as ajackeroo and laborer, filled various positions in public life as advocate of Aboriginal rights.

Here's All The New Australian Movies And TV Shows In A four-part drama series about gay-hate murders in Sydney in the '80s and '90s, David Stratton’s Story of Australian Cinema.

Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer leads a huge cast in this haunting Australian drama.

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“We don’t have to look far for a case study of what Australian drama can deliver, with the critically acclaimed Mystery Road TV series having the highest video play measurement* on ABC iview for any drama since data capture began.

ABC TV in Australia has backed a winner both in the pool and out following the premiere of its new four-part drama series Barracuda on Sunday night. Sep 27,  · This play was a turning point in Australian Indigenous drama.

The Cherry Pickers was written in prison around and smuggled out of jail on toilet paper. The play uses mythical realism, chorus-like chants and uses colloquial and local dialect language features.

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