Book report on miguel street

Naipaul is an Indian writer from Trinidad who has written many novels that are set in the developing world.

Book report on miguel street

The latter classification is supported by the fact that it is unified by a single narrator and by several patterns and themes.

Book report on miguel street

Furthermore, although each chapter is dominated by a single character, those major characters reappear as minor characters in other chapters. At the end of the book, all the characters who still live on Miguel Street gather to present to the narrator who is departing for college gifts representing their own attitudes toward life.

Naipaul, the genesis of Miguel Street was a shout that he remembered from a Port of Spain boyhood: What happens in Miguel Street seems to be a repeated pattern of aspiration, defeat, and adjustment, all defined and judged by Miguel Street itself.

In this close community, characters search for an identity which will be respected by the Street.

Bogart, for example—the first character whose life is explored in the novel—has made himself popular by the mysterious self he has created, a tailor who never sews, an imitation Humphrey Bogart who disappears from time to time and returns with elaborate accounts of his adventures, every time more like an American gangster, expansive but chilling.

When Bogart is arrested for bigamy, his real problem becomes clear. Unable to father a child with his Tunapuna wife, he has impregnated a girl in Caroni; forced to marry the Caroni girl, he has returned to Miguel Street and to the men whom he can impress.

Having proven his virility to himself, Bogart can act like Bogart.

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Book report on miguel street

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Bear Report. Trip to vending machines. Popular presentations. See more popular or the latest. The book's characters are indeed characters, a wide range of lovable borderline lunatics who are denizens of "Miguel Street", an impoverished stretch in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

(Naipaul was born and raised in Trinidad, and then moved to England).Reviews: I am a Spanish illustrator living in Portugal.

Miguel Street - V. S. Naipaul, Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul - Google Books It is a panoramic narration - we are introduced to people one by one, a chapter at a time, and by the time we are done reading, we have lived a different, distant life with them.
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Miguel Street is a collection of linked short stories by V. S. Naipaul set in wartime Trinidad and stories draw on the author's childhood memories of Port of street of the title appears to be a fictionalized version of Luis Street where the author lived with his family in the V.

S. Naipaul. Miguel Street is the location of all the main characters of each episode, a street in the western part of Port of Spain. Naipaul writes from the first-person and describes his own experiences within each episode save towards the end of the book.

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