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Tweet Slowly but with certainty, the once-proud organization that was a champion of morality, teaching boys to become men, will be taking things to a ridiculous new low. One has to wonder if this is to prevent DNA evidence from being collected from what appears to be a giant orgy in the making.

Boy scouts discourse community

You know my position on the Scouts Click to expand Let's take a look, shall we?

Unlike Freemasonry, BSA does not claim to be " the handmaiden to religion. Unlike your claim, Freemasonry doesn't either. You're taking a statement by Albert Mackey and calling him "Freemasonry.

Can't seem to make up your mind which side to go with in an argument. Unlike Freemasonry, BSA does not claim to be "the religion in which all men [or boys for that matter] agree. Mainly because, unlike Freemasonry, there was never a time when it was considered a given, that scouts were all of the Christian faith.

Masonry began in a land that permitted no faith but Christianity.


The statement to which you refer reflects a time when a decision was made to permit others to join. Scouting never experienced any such beginning. Hence, there was no need for scouting to issue a statement indicating a change that never took place.

But if it did, apparently see further down in this list, 17since you are referring to "BSA" and not to scouting in general, it would be the Bible--just as the Bible is used in all U. Unlike Freemasonry, Scouting does not require any ritual-based initiation ceremony whatsoever, nor does it have any for advancement within BSA.

Apparently you never heard of the Order of the Arrow. Unlike Freemasonry, BSA does not require belief in the immortality of the soul.

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That one I'll have to check into. Unlike Freemasonry, BSA does not have a specific ritual-based initiation ceremony designed for the sole purpose of teaching the immortality of the soul.

Even Masons don't seem to agree that Freemasonry has one either. Unlike Freemasonry, BSA does not urge its members to "imitate" a ficticious character who symbolizes the "Messiah-figure" of any of the world's religions.

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Nor do I know of one either. But before I continue with your list, it needs to be pointed out, that when the comparison is made between Masonry and the Boy Scouts, that comparison is not conducted on the basis of point-by-point correspondence of every imaginable point you could bring in, it is done on the basis of the basic moral principles involved, the terminology used, and the structural systems of each.

I'll have more on that when I get through addressing your points of denial, as I enter my next post addressing the actual points where comparisons are obvious.

Most of the sources you have provided on this one are both isolated and dated. However, since your sources are from U.

Boy scouts discourse community

Unlike Freemasonry, no one is "initiated" into the BSA. But into the Order of the Arrow, they most certainly are. And since it has no initiation, unlike Freemasonry, BSA has never declared spiritual rebirth as its purposes for initiation. I'll have to check my files, I seem to recall having downloaded a copy of the ritual of the Order of the Arrow, but I've never really read through it to examine it for content.

What little I've seen of it, I do recall, that it had some kind of connection with Native American culture. Unlike Freemasonry, BSA does not have the potential to lead its members into exploring mysticism, esoterism or the occult. I think you're stating far more than you can know on this one.

Unlike Freemasonry, BSA does not apply religious meaning i. The Boy Scouts of America has approved of these programs and allows the recognition to be worn on the official uniform, but each religious organization develops and administers its own program.

Freemasonry does not apply any idea of "what's required for salvation" to the Apron Lecture, nor is any such thing found in the Common Gavel lecture. On that point, I'm afraid you have Freemasonry confused with antimasonry, which does that exercise in futility at every opportunity.

Because unlike Freemasonry, BSA did not originate as a group comprised of members who were all Christians. Unlike Freemasonry, BSA does not have religious titles for its members or leaders such as "worshipful master" or "deacon.

As regards the former term, unlike Freemasonry, BSA has a fairly recent birth, and does not hail from a time when terms of respect like "worshipful master" were in very common usage. And your characterization of it as "religious title" misses the mark.

The phrase has reference to a term of honor or respect, very much akin to our use of "Your Honor" in reference to judges.

Boy scouts discourse community

In fact, in England, it is still in usage in some places, in exactly that manner. As regards the latter, BSA, unlike Freemasonry, does not hail from a time when its members were all understood to be Christians.(A Discourse on Funding for Scouts) By Vaughn J. Featherstone Boy Scouts of America National Executive Board Shared at Philmont Scout Ranch *Note: .

Press release from Boy Scouts of America: The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is now inviting both boys and girls to join the Cub Scouts (ages ). With the school year upon us, we welcome all. The Boy Scouts of America makes a division between its Scouting programs and the Learning for Life program.

The traditional Scouting programs are Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing. Exploring is the worksite-based program of Learning for Life. Leadership positions and membership in the Learning for Life programs are open to youth and adults without restriction based on gender, sexual.

Evanston Boy Scout Pans Trump Speech, Gets Praised - Evanston, IL - year-old Jasper Davidoff has been praised for penning a letter panning the president's speech to the Boy Scouts of America. PERSPECTIVES ON CONSTITUTIONAL EXEMPTIONS TO CIVIL RIGHTS LAWS: BOY SCOUTS OFAMERICA V.

DALE INTRODUCTION The Bill ofRights Journal is . The Boy Scouts were founded in England. Now simply called Scouts, it integrated girls and boys into a single program in Since the change, membership has surged to record numbers.

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