Diversion in the criminal justice system

These alternatives reroute defendants away from traditional criminal justice processing after arrest but prior to adjudication or final entry of judgment. Pretrial diversion is designed to address factors, called criminogenic needs that contribute to criminal behavior of the accused. Laws generally require that participation in diversion is voluntary and that the accused has access to counsel prior to making the decision to participate. Individuals are diverted prior to entry of judgment or conviction and a guilty plea may or may not be required.

Diversion in the criminal justice system

Diversion in the criminal justice system

Criminal Justice System Court system structure A number of different court systems operate side-by-side in Oregon. Each has different structures and different purposes. By far the largest judicial system in the state is the state court system, which enforces state criminal and civil laws passed by the state legislature in Salem.

This state system is the one that citizens are most likely to encounter. These include felonies, in which the accused may be sentenced to a year or more in custody, misdemeanors, where the maximum sentence is less than a year, and violations, with involve a sentence of a fine only.

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In addition to state courts are the federal courts which have jurisdiction over all federal laws. Additionally, tribal court systems exist in certain areas of the state and have jurisdiction over certain members of Native American tribes in some instances.

Finally, many Oregon cities have municipal courts which enforce ordinances passed by city government, generally involving minor offenses. Portland has no municipal court, but violations of city ordinances passed by City Council are handled in the state court system.Diversion: Diversion, any of a variety of programs that implement strategies seeking to avoid the formal processing of an offender by the criminal justice system.


Although those strategies, referred to collectively as diversion, take many forms, a typical diversion program results in a person who has been. WRAP in the Criminal Justice System WRAP is successfully being implemented in a variety of ways with people involved in the Criminal Justice System.

Mental Health Recovery Court – Kalamzoo, Michigan In , the Kalamazoo 8th District Court of Michigan . Overview of the criminal justice system in Victoria Most people form their views about crime and justice from the main - stream media.

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Research shows that mass media crime coverage. Diversion refers to a program to remove people from the formal criminal justice stream and allow them to deal with their charges in a less formal fashion.

For adults, this is often referred to as Direct Accountability whereas for youth under the age of 18 it is known as Extra Judicial Sanctions (EJS). Within the juvenile justice system, there are stark racial disparities in who gets detained — disparities that are inevitably reproduced by the adult criminal justice system.

Given the reality that past incarceration is the single greatest factor in predicting a person’s future . Young people who have been accused of a crime are often diverted out of the official criminal justice system, with or without special conditions, and into programmes aimed at developing life skills as an alternative to spending time in prison.


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