Essay on armed forces special power act

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Essay on armed forces special power act

The Article of the Constitution of India confers power to the Central Government to protect every state from internal disturbance.

Essay on armed forces special power act

When the situation worsened, Assam deployed the Assam Rifles in the Naga Hills and enacted the Assam Disturbed Areas Act ofproviding a legal framework for the paramilitary forces and the armed state police to combat insurgency in the region.

Rajendra Prasad on 22 May The reason for conferring such a power as per "Objects and Reasons'" appended to the Bill was that "Keeping in view the duty of the Union under Article of the Constitution, interalia, to protect every State against internal disturbance, it is considered desirable that the Central government should also have power to declare areas as 'disturbed', to enable its armed forces to exercise the special powers".

Recently the Tripura state government Essay on armed forces special power act decided to withdraw the controversial Act, citing significant reduction in the extent of terrorist activities in the state. The period has further been extended by another 6 months in above three districts of Arunachal Pradesh in April, The Act was enforced in the whole of Punjab and Chandigarh on 15 October The terms of the Act broadly remained the same as that of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act Assam and Manipur of except for two sections, which provided additional powers to the armed forces.

Sub-section e was added to Section 4 stipulating that any vehicle can be stopped, searched and seized forcibly if it is suspected of carrying proclaimed offenders or ammunition. Section 5 was added to the Act specifying that a soldier has the power to break open any locks "if the key there of is withheld".

The Act[ edit ] The Articles in the Constitution of India empower state governments to declare a state of emergency due to one or more of the following reasons: In most cases, for example during elections, when the local police may be stretched too thin to simultaneously handle day-to-day tasks, the central government obliges by sending in the BSF and the CRPF.

AFSPA is confined to be enacted only when a state, or part of it, is declared a 'disturbed area'. Continued unrest, like in the cases of militancy and insurgency, and especially when borders are threatened, are situations where AFSPA is resorted to.

Neither the soldiers nor their superiors have any training in civilian law or policing procedures.

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This is where and why the AFSPA comes to bear - to legitimize the presence and acts of armed forces in emergency situations which have been deemed war-like. To arrest without a warrant anyone who has committed cognizable offences or is reasonably suspected of having done so and may use force if needed for the arrest.

To enter and search any premise in order to make such arrests, or to recover any person wrongfully restrained or any arms, ammunition or explosive substances and seize it. Stop and search any vehicle or vessel reasonably suspected to be carrying such person or weapons.

Any person arrested and taken into custody under this Act shall be made present over to the officer in charge of the nearest police station with least possible delay, together with a report of the circumstances occasioning the arrest. Army officers have legal immunity for their actions.

There can be no prosecution, suit or any other legal proceeding against anyone acting under that law.

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Nor is the government's judgment on why an area is found to be disturbed subject to judicial review. Protection of persons acting in good faith under this Act from prosecution, suit or other legal proceedings, except with the sanction of the Central Government, in exercise of the powers conferred by this Act.

The law is the same for both and is equally applicable to both This is the requirement of a democracy and the requirement of preservation of the rule of law and the preservation of individual liberties.

She termed the law as "dated and colonial-era law that breach contemporary international human rights standards. It clearly violates International Law. A number of UN treaty bodies have pronounced it to be in violation of International Law as well.

The use of the AFSPA pushes the demand for more autonomy, giving the people of the North East more reason to want to secede from a state which enacts such powers and the agitation which ensues continues to justify the use of the AFSPA from the point of view of the Indian Government.

Irom Chanu Sharmila also known as the "Iron Lady of Manipur" or "Mengoubi" "the fair one" is a civil rights activist, political activist, and poet from the Indian state of Manipur. On 2 Novembershe began a hunger strike which ended on 9 August after 16 years.

On 2 Novemberin Malom, a town in the Imphal Valley of Manipur, ten civilians were shot and killed while waiting at a bus stop.THE ARMED FORCES (SPECIAL POWERS) ACT, The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Bill was passed by both the Houses of Parliament and it received the assent of the President on 11th September, It came on the Statute Book as THE ARMED FORCES (SPECIAL POWERS) the use of armed forces in aid of the civil power is necessary, the Governor.

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9gag essay writing human animal bond dissertation eldecalcitol synthesis essay research paper summary table. Genesis of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 11 The Armed Forces (Assam and Manipur) Special Powers Act, 14 Comparison with the Armed Forces Special Power Ordinance, Wed, 27 Jul Prathima R Appaji: The purpose of this paper is to analyse the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), , specifically dealing with its implementation in the North-East of India.

Modelled on the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Ordinance promulgated by the colonial British government on 15 August to suppress “Quit India Movement”, the Armed Forces Special Powers Act of (AFSPA) was initially supposed to have remained in operation for .

This essay has been submitted by a law student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Role Of Armed Forces Special Powers Act.

The Armed Forces Special Powers Act, was passed by the Indian Parliament on Sep11,

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