Hotel booking system

No manual price tables; generate a page which lists all your house prices. Block dates Make certain dates unavailable for booking.

Hotel booking system

Take a 3-question survey! Just 5 seconds to submit and help us improve the plugin for you. Make the room more attractive by adding a featured image or even the entire gallery to show all room advantages. Bookings Calendar With WordPress Rental plugin all received requests and their current statuses are stored at one place, easily sorted and displayed in a calendar view.

Search all needed bookings by a room type, period of booking and room status booked, pending, available, etc. Seasonal Pricing Regulate your prices Hotel booking system any custom period.

The difference in price can be applied for both long periods and short ones e.

Hotel booking system

Variety of Rates Based on a number of advantages offered for a specific room, you can set different prices for the same room type — room rates e. Your guests will choose the preferable one on the checkout page.

Weekly and Monthly Rates You can set any room rate depending on a season any term. To create different price points based on the length of stay, you can add weekly, monthly or other customizable rates.

For example, you can set any number of days and apply a needed per-night price based on the length of stay. The system will automatically discount the properties according to your rate rules. The longer the stay, the better per-night rate!

Channel Manager

Extra Services Offer additional guest services such as spa, airport-to-hotel delivery, swimming pool, childcare, etc. Add the entire list of services to the admin system and then supply any room with available extra services optionally chargeable.

Set prices either per person or per room. Booking Multiple Accommodations One guest can reserve multiple accommodations during one booking process.

You may also turn on the wp hotel booking plugin to recommend the best set of accommodations according to a number of guests.

This quick and smart automation will help you serve your guests faster in their dynamic journey! Booking Rules The property management system is very flexible: You may also block booking option for all accommodations or any one individually for a chosen period of time set not check-in, not check-out or not stay-in rules.

Synchronize the bookings submitted through your website with those from online travel channels like Airbnb or Booking and avoid overbooking. Thanks to iCal file format support, the plugin generates unique calendars to export to external online channels and provides the system to import from OTAs.

All synced calendars for all properties will keep your hotel availability up to date. Variable Pricing The accommodation rate can be changed automatically depending on a number of guests.

You simply need to add a needed number of the per-guest price variables that will be different from the base accommodation price. Your guests will see a relative price once they input their search parameters. Multilanguage Support Run a non-English website?

Switch to one of the professional translations or translate it yourself with any translation program. The frontend and backend of the plugin are translated into 14 languages: Online and Offline Payments Confirm submitted booking requests manually, automatically or instantly upon payment.

Charge a full amount of money or deposit. Send email notifications either automatically or manually. With offline payments you let guests pay after arrival at your hotel.

Use it to extend a number of payment gateways needed to handle online reservation of accommodations. Add mandatory fees, accommodation taxes, service taxes and fee taxes — customize their types and charges to fit your needs.

Keep track on pricing information of all bookings in the admin dashboard and provide your guests with all pricing details.

Bookings features

Discount Coupons Easily create personalized discount coupons via the admin dashboard and provide your guests with them.Welcome Anywhere is a booking system built by a hospitality original and designed to help hoteliers deliver an unforgettable guest experience.

Be brave, and open your doors to . The online hotel booking system provides you compelling widgets on your website to turn more lookers into loyal bookers.

Google Hotel Ads integration Get direct bookings even when your guests search for you, by enrolling in the Google Hotel Ads campaign through us.

Commission free and mobile friendly online booking system and channel manager for your hotel, bed and breakfast, motel, holiday rental, hostel, campground or booking agency from €/month. ResBook is your all in one cloud-based reservation management system designed specifically for Inns, Resorts, Lodges, BnBs, Boutique Hotels and Property Managers worldwide.

Watch the video that explains it all Watch the video. Sirvoy, a powerful hotel reservation system that works for all types of accommodations: hotels, motels, hostels, B&Bs, lodges & guest houses Sirvoy Reservation System Sirvoy is an easy-to-use booking system for hotels and other types of accommodations offering Property Management System, Booking Engine and Channel Manager.

A computer reservation system or central reservation system (CRS) is a computerized system used to store and retrieve information and conduct transactions related to air travel, hotels, car rental, or other activities.

Originally designed and operated by airlines, CRSs .

CRS - Central Reservations System - Definition Glossary for Hotel Revenue Management Terminology