Introduction of lenovo and its strategy

From the cargo to the assembly production,from the product-sells to the post-sale service, the company diligently saves the product consumption and enhances the production efficiency. Thus realized the cost large scale reduced.

Introduction of lenovo and its strategy

April 6, ricky Leave a comment Introduction Lenovo Company is a Chinese brand working at personal computer development. During its global developing process, it goes through a lot including the rename store, strategic alliance with IBM, influences from globalization and so on.

Besides the above, we have also developed a discussion on the role of gender difference in leadership style or an organization and the evaluation on two options for Lenovo on the organization chart part. Using Hersey-Blanchard theory, identify the current leadership style.

What are its strengths and weakness.

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And based on the story of Lenovo, its leadership style is defined to be the participating leadership style. And we will have a discussion in the following. To begin with, Hersey and Blanchard defined the participating leadership that this style is established on the basis of share ideas and facilitate people indecision making.

In another word, the readiness level of people namely the follower belongs to level R3 Daft And in terms of readiness level of people in Lenovo, we can develop the following discussion.

And the representative figures are Yang Yuanqin and Guo Wei, who have a good knowledge in computer hardware aspects but were not so confident in the development of Lenovo. Such kind of weakness including lack of talents, capital, and market resulted in the unconfident of these talent people.

Introduction of lenovo and its strategy

Such kind of accident also led to a low confidence and security level of people in Lenovo. Besides the two examples, another case even aroused a panic of employees in Lenovo towards its future development.

And due to people in Lenovo are seemed to have the necessary skills, experience as well as knowledge but may somewhat feel insecure in their ability and lacking the high willingness, the Liu Chuanzhi, the president of Lenovo have been engaging in presenting opportunities for people in decision making and involvement in some big business activities to strengthen their confidence and improve their willingness to facilitate the organization to have a good performance.

Such kind of leadership style is towards the low confidence level and willingness to motivate and enhance their confidence and wiliness to gain a better performance. Strengths First and foremost, the participating leadership facilitates Liu Chuanzhi to mollify and remove the emotion of diffidence, worries as well as pressures of employees in Lenovo who felt uneasy and diffident towards the future development and some business practices of this organization and themselves.

Based on these open minded communication such as the method used by Liu Chuanzhi including open door policy, bamboo barrel principles and other kinds of practices, the true feelings and frankly suggestions from employees can be gained by Liu Chuanzhi, and the perspectives of this leader on the future development of Lenovo and the optimistic prospect of this company despite some current dilemma can also be addressed to employees.

Introduction of lenovo and its strategy

While the sufficient negotiation and idea sharing, Liu Chuanzhi is able to assist employees in Lenovo to overcome their worries and diffidence to make full use of their capability to facilitate the future development of Lenovo. For example, the open door policy and barrel principles advocating the balance of the organization structures including the production staff, quality assurance personnel, management team, financial staff, sales staff and after sell staff, implemented by Liu Chuanzhi as the participating leaders largely improve the communicating effectiveness and broaden the platform for employees to show their concern freely so as to work together to support the fast and healthy development of Lenovo.

Weakness Based on the perspective of Hogan et al. In another word, as the leader of Lenovo, Liu Chuanzhi may be seemed to focus and emphasize too much on the people issue rather than the task issue. For example, Liu Chuanzhi are keen on improve the welfare of employees including the implementation of those practices and perspectives in Lenovo but when come to the task structure and relative issue, he did a little job, which have influence the global expansion of this brand.

How is this likely to change over the next five years in your view. To gain more customers and expand the market in the global market under the influence of globalization, Lenovo has adjusted its developing goals and clearly clarifies its strategy to the Lenovo people.

At first, the management team of Lenovo have clarified the business targets of Lenovo in the global market is to build Lenovo a competitive global company with producing the award-winning products such as personal computers to customers all the world around under the full support of resources offered by its global teams.

From this figure, we get that Lenovo regards China mainland as its headquarter to direct the development of these overseas branches including United States bureau, New Zealand bureau, Norway bureau, Portugal bureau and Vietnam bureau and so on with support of effective cost and tax save policy.

Till now, more than 20, customer locations in countries are established by Lenovo to offer customers caring services from Lenovo people. By and large, with the promotion of globalization, Lenovo has adopted many useful strategies to facilitate its healthy development in the global market, which contribute a lot to this Chinese enterprise both from financial aspect and reputation aspect.

In the first place, according to Burkhardt and Gerard as well as Daft that the demographic characteristics, fast development of technology, market development under the umbrella of globalization will lead to company to make adjustments on their products developing strategy.

Based on this perspective and the situation of Lenovo, we predict that in the future Lenovo may make it more flexible and develop the diversified product developing strategy to enable itself to be more suitable and flexible to meet the requirements of the global market under the globalization. For example, more money and resources may be invested to support the product research and development to not only produce its feature products such as the personal computer but also product some other electronic products such as mobile phone, cooperation with some company to help them establish and maintain their website, related IT consumption products and so on as the big electronic Samsung does in the market.

And in figure 2. Hu ; Kraemer Figure 2. As the reference to the successful experiences from these well developed companies especially as Samsung, Lenovo may adopt a sales diversification model.

For instance, it is seemed necessary for Lenovo to transform its transactional model to a more comprehensive one which is established on the basis of network with relational customers to attract more potential customers.

That is to say, Lenovo is more likely to develop its sales model to be a combination with both the transactional and rational model to not only save cost but also attract and maintain both old and new customers. Describe how relevant three of these roles are in your chosen organization.

He demonstrates the leader role actively via guiding and motivating people in Lenovo to have a better performance and developing and effective communication for them Daft At first the open door policy promoted by Liu Chuanzhi as the leader of Lenovo has been so effectively for this organization to promote the communication effectivenss.

This policy used by Liu Chuanzhi is a kind of direction and guidance for employees in Lenovo to show their ideas, suggestions and even some complaints directly and freely to their direct boss or even the leader without too many worries.

And the later success of Lenovo also proved the proper leader role played by Liu Chuanzhi to direct the employees in Lenovo. And for Liu Chuanzhi, he does a good job in this area.

The introduction of the barrel principle for example, it indicates Liu Chuanzhi as the leader of Lenovo stands in the position of the entire organization that he points out the importance of the balance in the organization and uses this principle to manage people and their needs to facilitate rhe development and whole balance of Lenovo.Lenovo Company is a Chinese brand working at personal computer development.

During its global developing process, it goes through a lot including the rename store, strategic alliance with IBM, influences from globalization and so on.

And under the leading of its president Liu Chuanzhi, it has a good performance in today’ international market. India was a major part of Lenovo’s strategy and it was listed as a separate region to be managed.

India had just million PCs compared with China’s 40 million. This presented a huge opportunity for Lenovo and it wanted to double its market share in three to four years.

Lenovo Group Ltd. or Lenovo PC International, often shortened to Lenovo (/ l ɛ ˈ n oʊ v oʊ / leh-NOH-voh), is a multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States.

2) Current Lenovo computer’s marketing channel a) In , Lenovo made adjustments to its computer marketing channel. Two significant changes are of interest here: • Chinese computer market is divided into Developed Market (big cities, SMEs) and Emerging Market (rural areas), with big city chain stores and rural stores added to channel.

On this hand,lenovo company does very good. From the cargo to the assembly production,from the product-sells to the post-sale service, the company diligently saves the product consumption and enhances the production efficiency.

Keywords: marketing strategic、Lenovo Group、global brand、IT industry INTRODUCTION Merge has become a common and efficient strategy for a local company to become global brand.

But How a newly established global brand build its brand awareness and be a .

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