Military build up in guam effects

Military Build Up in Guam: Now, the military is increasing its presence on the island, because Japan wishes to reduce the current US presence in their country. Many of the local people fear negative impacts of the military buildup, such as loss of precious land, destruction to their culture, increased crime rates, increased strain to their ailing infrastructure, and the loss of identity. The military buildup in Guam is a 12 billion dollar effort of the United States and Japan Governments to relocate almost half the U.

Military build up in guam effects

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Military build up in guam effects

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It is located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean and is one of the five U. S territories with an established civilian government.

Guam is the largest and southernmost part of the Mariana Islands. The small island is known to be one of the most favorite tourist spots with its beautiful white sand beaches and cultural places. Recently, there had been news about a military build-up in the said island.Local Newspaper Coverage and Endorsement of a U.S.


Military Buildup in the Pacific FRANCIS DALISAY a newspaper on the Western Pacific island of Guam, covers a U.S.

military buildup, and the extent to which such coverage influences residents’ reporting, and subsequent effects (Tichenor et al., ; Viswanath & Demers, ). The Guam community has the opportunity to maximize the benefits of the military buildup and minimize any negative impacts. As we approach the peak in construction activity, the public and private sector have the opportunity to work together to make this happen.

Positive Effects of the Military Build-Up in Guam.

Military build up in guam effects

Other Articles; Guam is a small island-nation that is under the US territory. It is located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean and is one of the five U.S territories with an established civilian government. Guam . Welcome to the Department of the Navy's website for the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the "Guam and CNMI Military Relocation; Relocating Marines from Okinawa, Japan to Guam." The Department of the Navy has signed the Record of Decision (ROD) for relocating U.S.

Marine Corps forces to Guam. But critics describe Guam’s relationship with the military as a lopsided dependency, arguing the military is an intrusive force that runs . Whether or not Guam's governor supports the construction of a Marine Corps base on the island, military projects related to the $ billion .

Guam Military Buildup Projects Continue