New format of writing application to principal to change

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New format of writing application to principal to change

Individual applications may be sent to your local Inland Revenue office.

new format of writing application to principal to change

In particular, the information stored offshore remains accessible by the Commissioner. There are inherent risks to accessing information stored offshore as New Zealand laws may not apply to information that is physically stored in another jurisdiction electronically or otherwise.

The Commissioner must rely on the cooperation of taxpayers or third parties to access information stored offshore.

Therefore, in order to ensure the records held offshore by a third party remain accessible by the Commissioner, the Commissioner will have regard to the following when considering an application by a third party: Each application will be considered on the merits of the case and may include the compliance history of the applicant.

In terms of an authorisation to a third party, section 22 8 b provides that in addition to the Commissioner authorising the third party to hold records for taxpayers outside New Zealand, the Commissioner also has the discretion to require the records to be kept in a particular form and to be accessible by the Commissioner in a way approved by the Commissioner.

The need to impose such terms on an authorisation to a third party will depend on the circumstances of the third party and will be considered on a case by case basis.

An application to store records offshore should address the above factors. If the storage of records offshore is by electronic means, the applicant may be required to provide information that demonstrates the manner in which the records are to be stored will meet the requirements of the ETA and ETR as discussed in paragraphs 39 to 51 above.

The information supplied in support of the application may include the following: For example, the New Zealand code of practice for cloud computing which a New Zealand-based cloud provider can voluntarily adhere to.

Certain information about the cloud provider and its services are disclosed under the code of practice.

Conditions of an authorisation The Commissioner may impose conditions on an authorisation to store records offshore, as provided for in section 22 9. All authorisations to store records offshore would be subject to the taxpayer or third party providing an undertaking that the records would be provided to Inland Revenue on request, in a usable format, and at no cost to Inland Revenue in obtaining the information.

In order to ensure the information stored offshore continues to be accessible, the Commissioner may impose additional conditions that are considered necessary and reasonable in the circumstances of the case.

Conditions may be varied as circumstances of the taxpayer or the third party applicant change. Withdrawal of an authorisation No period of validity would be prescribed on an authorisation. However, the Commissioner may withdraw an authorisation, either upon request by the taxpayer or the third party to which the authorisation applies or by giving reasonable notice of the withdrawal.

Circumstances where an authorisation may be withdrawn include: The authorisation merely enables a taxpayer to store records offshore without being in breach of their obligations.

A taxpayer still has the responsibility to ensure that the records being kept offshore are sufficient to satisfy the record keeping requirements. Furthermore, an authorisation to a third party should not be relied upon as an approval of the third party as a service provider in general.

The authorisation provided by the Commissioner merely relates to the offshore storage of records. Providing information to Inland Revenue The Commissioner can request information from any person pursuant to section Any person, when required under section 17, must produce for inspection any documents that the Commissioner considers necessary or relevant for a purpose under an Inland Revenue Act.

A third party may be required to provide information that is in their possession when requested under section The request may include any logs of entries, alterations and deletions of transactions that a third party may keep.

Generally, a section 17 request will be made to the taxpayer in the first instance. On occasion, the Commissioner may request this information from a third party. However, other mutually agreeable transfer methods may be negotiated as required.

The electronic information should be copied to media, not a proprietary back up. Documentation should be supplied with the media showing the record layout, record length, and number of records. Assistance to Inland Revenue officers Where necessary, adequate viewing and printing facilities should be made available free of charge to Inland Revenue officers.

If requested, persons must locate selected records that have been stored and print any items selected, free of charge to Inland Revenue officers. Someone must be available to explain the operation of their computer system to Inland Revenue officers.

This is the case whether the system is owned and operated by the person or outsourced to a third party.

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new format of writing application to principal to change

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