Omega pharmaceutical managers workshop

The following are the main training topics and our lists of modules to offer to our customers: Cold Chain — Management CCM Cold chain management training specifically focusses on the temperature, risk and qualification requirements of sensitive supply chain for GDP compliance. It delivers examples of documentation and procedures, with compliance to global requirements.

Omega pharmaceutical managers workshop

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Registration Details By Attending This Course, You Will Learn the techniques and approaches that have been proven to work best for forecasting sales of pharmaceuticals — including pharma-specific drivers like Market Access, step-care, targeted therapies etc. Be able to challenge the forecasts others have produced for you, and build your own forecasts in most situations.

Understand the concepts behind evidence-based forecasting techniques for pharmaceuticals, which will be explained in simple, non-mathematical terms and backed up with real examples from the pharma industry rather than with vague illustrations.

Be able to determine the right level of detail to include in your forecast and understand the reliability of the different data sources you will use.

Receive an Excel-based forecasting tool which integrates all the techniques taught during the workshop.

Omega pharmaceutical managers workshop

This ensures you leave with a hands-on ability to apply what you have learned over the two days. An Evidence Based Approach. This is an excellent resource which dives further into the content and examples covered during the course and will assist you in your forecasting activities.

Why You Should Attend With every major business decision in pharma being based on a sales forecast, it is imperative that you know how to forecast and challenge forecasts accurately. Therefore, the focus of this course is on teaching the concepts, techniques and approaches which have been proven to work best for pharmaceuticals.

Gary has trained s of executives around the world. His presentations are constantly tweaked according to delegate feedback. They have thus evolved over the years so they are easy to understand and consistently get very high customer feedback scores.

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The concepts of project management and best practices in project management continue to evolve in the pharma industry. Uncertainty in the Pharmaceutical Industry Quickly translating basic research findings into meaningful therapeutics is a multifaceted process.

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