Physiotherapy injury rehabilitation and educatio essay

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Physiotherapy injury rehabilitation and educatio essay

Falls prevention in elderly community Introduction words Older people make up a significant portion of population in the UK. As these people grow older, they increasingly experience age-related changes, diseases and disorders. They become more prone and at risk of falling.

The rate of falling in UK had an immense growth over the years. There is a drive to review and evaluate status of fall among the elderly and prevailing falls prevention practices. My area of practice had been with an acute medical elderly acre ward.

I worked as a staff nurse. My role is to communicate with the patients about safety, activity limitations and orienting them to bed area and other ward facilities and teach them how they can get assistance in particular.

In my area of practice I have learned that there is a prevalence of falls among older people community-dwellers.

Physiotherapy injury rehabilitation and educatio essay

Falls among the community-dweller elderly represent a major care concern both for government and social institutions.

Given the prevalence of falls in this group, the long-term consequences and the costs of fall-related injuries had become a burden to them and their immediate families. I have also observed that mostly falls occurred in their homes. The causes of falls are practically home-bound.

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Current literatures often discussed that falls are generally result from interactions among various risk factors. From a personal standpoint, I perceived that many of these factors could be corrected. This paper will discuss how to minimise the risks for the aging population especially for community-dwelling older people.

This paper will focus on the situation regarding falls and falls prevention in United Kingdom in light of my practice. The main objective of this paper is to minimise the risks for older people by means of critical analysis of falls prevention programs as far as existing literature allows.

A number of methods and strategies regarding falls data collection will be employed. This will include a search and review of existing literature, patient observation and in-depth analysis of the literatures.

The inclusion criteria for literatures are: Opening Paragraph words A comprehensive review of the contributing literatures was done. Articles from medical institutions publication were scrutinized as well.

This was undertaken to ensure the inclusion of several relevant published material and information. Various electronic databases were also visited including Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and World Health Organization.

Different nursing books were also reviewed so that the researcher could acquire insights. The materials that have been used are comprised of published informations in the last ten years.

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The key terms used are: Falls prevention education was used to identify distinction between education in general and education that purports falls prevention for the patients. Representing your subject words Falls are common events in the lives of older people.

Falls can result in different unfavorable outcomes such as minor bruises, fractures, disability, dependence and even death. The Kellogg International Working Group defined falls as the unintentional event that result in a person coming to a rest on the ground or another lower level.

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Standard Six sates that: The NHS, working in partnership with councils, takes action to prevent falls and reduce resultant fractures or other injuries in their populations of older people. Older people who have fallen receive effective treatment and rehabilitation, and, with their carers, receive advice on prevention through a specialised falls service.

NSF has a well-developed localised service plan for falls prevention that puts emphasis on multidisciplinary working, reflecting the multi-factorial and complex nature of falls The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy,p.

A report submitted by Health Evidence Network HEN discerns that a fall may be a first indication of an undetected illness. The report also claims that the prevention of falls is of major priority as they stimulate mortality, morbidity and suffering especially for older people and their families.

Across Europe, there is a geographic variation in fall injury rates but there is nominal generalisable information on the extent of the problem and potential risk factors.

Further, the main reason why older adults are hospitalized is due to fall-related injuries, five times more often compared to other causes for hospitalization. Falls had been the leading cause of injury deaths among people of 65 and over years of age and half occur in their own home.Physical therapy after spinal cord injury: A systematic review of treatments focused on participation Natàlia Gómara-Toldrà, 1 Martha Sliwinski, 2 and Marcel P.

Dijkers 3 1 Faculty of Psychology and Educational and Sports Sciences, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, Spain. Sports physical therapy is primarily concerned with the management of athletic injury in five major categories.

Acute care, the assessment and diagnosis of an injury. Treatment, which is the application of specialized techniques, designed to encourage healing. Physical and Mobility Impairments. The physical disability the person experiences may be either congenital, or a result of injury, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, amputation, multiple sclerosis, pulmonary disease, heart disease or other reasons.


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