Problems of school about cleanliness

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Problems of school about cleanliness

It was customary to remove your slippers in the entry which was at ground level and one would step up into the home in their socks. This custom of removing your shoes before entering a home, is still practiced in Asian homes throughout the world.

In newly constructed homes in Asia, regardless whether a single family home or high rise, the entrance is usually lower than the rest of the home. You step up into the house or flat.

This practical design allows for any type of weather, such that all dirty and wet gear can be left in the entrance and does not need to be brought into the home, hence the house stays clean.

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This has a physical and psychological purpose: Originally, the Japanese home had wood hallways with tatami or woven straw mats as flooring for the rooms. The ancient Koreans had under floor heating stones to heat their wooden floors.

What one must remember is that the Asian lifestyle at that time was mainly centered around the floor. The tables were low and they sat on the floor to eat, sleep and do all their activities. That tradition remains today.

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Another point is that Asians believe it is good health practice to be barefoot. The Chinese have been practicing foot reflexology for over 5, years. Being barefoot allows your pressure points to be stimulated. When confined in shoes all day, your feet do not have the chance to breathe, stretch and feel.

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If you do not practice removing your shoes in your home, please give it a try and see how you feel. You may like it! Today, western furniture has taken over the average Asian home, but we still like to sit on the floor and walk barefoot.

Problems of school about cleanliness

Just remember when visiting an Asian home, wear clean socks with no holes because you may be asked to remove your shoes!The teachers in that school make a brigada eskwela to improve the cleanliness and improvement of the building.

Comfort room is the one of the most important as a part of the school. In the first place the comfort room was in a good condition and enough water. Jul 30,  · The cleanliness of school surroundings makes a difference in how students feel about their campus.

Clean classrooms, hallways and cafeterias inspire everyone to pitch in and keep the building in top shape/5(17). By cleanliness, one doesn’t imply ongoing around with brooms and mops for a cleanliness drive.

Cleaning is a process of getting a clean, free, and energetic environment where there is . - A school board should charter only as many schools as it can monitor and support effectively.

2) Construction and Repair of Facilities. School districts have taken substantial steps in the s to address their facilities needs. Apr 25,  · Taking on long-standing complaints about school cleanliness, Chicago Public Schools plans to conduct monthly inspections of buildings as part of a .


Cleanliness in Schools · School is a place where one can learn so many things. It helps the students to grow up into a responsible person. Every day the students spend a lot . :: The 52 virtues