Smeda business plans in urdu

My dream was to open a restaurant. The business plan was really professional and I obtained my bank loan. Now my next goal will be to open a second location.

Smeda business plans in urdu

This is a great way to keep up to date on the latest academic thinking. One such recent article, by Shabir Hyder and Robert Lussier, investigates why small businesses succeed or fail in Pakistan.

Professor Lussier has developed the Lussier Model of business success and failure. The article highlights how small and medium enterprises SMEs are important in all countries, and provides a background on the Pakistani economy.

It mentions how the Pakistani Government has established a body, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority SMEDA for the formulation of policies to promote SMEs as well as the facilitation of financing and the provision of training and education to entrepreneurs.

However, it quotes other studies to report that SMEs are struggling in Pakistan. They blame the Pakistan Government for policies that are not supportive of innovation, which is a crucial ingredient for entrepreneurship, due to a fear of market failure.

In addition the cost of doing business is higher in Pakistan because of restrictive local government bylaws making commercial land acquisition difficult.

It quotes World Bank reports on Doing Business and on entrepreneurship that Pakistan is performing better than its regional competitors in doing business, but worse on entrepreneurship, although it is still far behind countries such as Norway, Germany and the UK.

The World Bank also reported that the top barriers to business performance in Pakistan are lack of consistent electricity and political instability.

Thus uncertainty avoidance and collectivism are adversely affecting the growth of entrepreneurial businesses. The lack of social security means severe difficulties in the event of failure, hence the uncertainty avoidance, and individualism is still lacking as most people value collectivism.


Pakistan society, in general, prefers jobs over self-employment. The Lussier Model The model identifies 15 variables. These are 1 Capital, 2 Record keeping and financial control, 3 Years industry experience, 4 Years management experience, 5 Business plan, 6 Use of professional advice e.

The research was obtained through personal interviews using the Lussier research study questionnaire translated into Urdu. A business making industry average profits was considered a success and any business not currently making a profit was considered to be a failure.

Data was obtained from randomly selected small business respondents from a group of cities.

smeda business plans in urdu

Results The model was able to predict success and failure in Pakistan for The results identified four statistically significant variables in the model out of the fifteen. Most of the failed businesses indicated lack of capital as one of the important reasons for failure.

smeda business plans in urdu

Formal sources of finance for small businesses are limited in Pakistan compared to other countries due to lack of collateral or guarantees so there is more reliance on informal sources.

Most small business owners do not know how to develop a business plan not least due to the lack of business education.

Usually there is a high turnover rate among employees working in smaller businesses due to lower wages and heavier workloads. There is a tendency to hire workers on a daily wage basis and to disown them at any time.

Small business owners are not successful in acquiring or retaining employees because of low wages. Businesses which started as partnerships had a higher success rate through the pooling of resources. The article noted the differences between the results from Pakistan compared with other countries.

Thus the need for capital was especially relevant for capital poor country like Pakistan, but less relevant to other capital-rich countries. Very few owners had developed business plans themselves, but the majority realised the importance and were able to find others to do it for them.

The need for business partners, which was found to be insignificant in the majority of other studies was significant in Pakistan and may indicate that low capital is usually compensated through the pooling of resources. The article makes recommendations to Government to resolve the problems it identified: It is not an expense but rather an investment that will have great returns in growing the economy.

There should also be a stated government policy on entrepreneurship.All smeda services related to Prime Minister youth program are free of cost as stated by Smeda itself. Smeda shares guidelines on Developing an effective Business Plan for Pakistan Prime minster Youth Scheme (

HYDERABAD: Speakers in conclusion ceremony of 2-day international moot on ‘Business, Economics and Information Technology’ organised by Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Campus Dadu, University.

Educated and trained in Project and Business Management, and having served in both private and public sector service providers, I am a skilled and highly motivated individual with extensive experience of Project Management, Business Development, and Industrial and Donor Linkages Development who has worked with diverse clients on various projects across different Assistant Manager Projects at .

In order to facilitate loan applicants to develop their business plans, SMEDA has developed Business Plan Templates, (English & Urdu), as well as a training video documentary on the same.

Furthermore, financial calculators have been developed, to help loan applicants to calculate loan repayment, income statements, cash flow statement, and.

Crafting Business Plans. Small Business Ideas in Pakistan with Low Investment Blogging. For many people, blogging is a hobby. But for others, blogging is a good source of income and make a living in Pakistan.

Numbers of Pakistani bloggers are running and managing successful blogs and they are making lucrative income per month. c) The business plan should be submitted in 3 printed copies and a soft copy (CD) at the SMEDA, Coromandel by the 15th August

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