The effect of addiction paper essay

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The effect of addiction paper essay

The effects of this disease are very dangerous and serious. We will discuss the physical, psychological, and emotional effects of alcoholism and what causes it to happen. The first effects of alcoholism are physical. These are the most important because these can cause your death. For example, alcoholism causes cancer in the stomach, kidneys, and liver.

Besides, alcohol alters the digestion of nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. Alcoholism also causes severe damage in the neurons, so it causes alterations in the body movements, loss of appetite, and depression. There are other effects in the body like gastritis and cirrhosis of the liver.

All these physical consequences could cause your death if you drink alcohol in mass quantities. The second effects caused by alcoholism are psychological. At the beginning, alcohol makes you feel relaxed, but if you drink it in excess, it increases anxiety and causes depression.

It also causes family and legal problems, violence, changes of behavior, suicide among others. Alcohol is very powerful and alters all your normal behaviors.

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For some this may be true, but for others it is a cover up for what can really happen. Since alcohol alters the perception of most people, they make decisions that could change the rest of their lives. One of the most common ones is drinking and driving.

Each year numerous amounts of people are killed in drunk driving incidents.

The effect of addiction paper essay

This means jail time, fines, suspensions, and even worse, death. So always think before you drink and drive. The third effects of alcoholism are emotionally. Alcoholism affects families all over America, and some families are even divided because of it.

Alcoholism can definitely take a toll and someone when it causes them to lose their family, their job, and even their sense of well-being.

Why risk everything you have for a drink? Some might get help, while others lose faith and it drives them to the end. Alcohol alters your brain, muscles, digestion process, and other disorders that affect your health. It also can cause you depression or changes in your behavior that result in problems with your family, friends, and with yourself.

So before you drink ask yourself is it really worth losing it all?Essay addiction effect life personalRate this post (Read 1 time today. Center for economics and policy research paper essay field from in leaders leadership librarian school investisiya analysis essay the film gallipoli essay becky cloonan illustration essay graffiti vandalism or art debate essay dissertation proposal presentation ppt.

The Effect Of Addiction Paper Essay Sample The effect of addiction have consumed billions of individuals all over the world, not only consume but also killed.

Individuals have relied on drugs to fill the void in their life that is missing. In relation to addiction, internet users have both short-term and long-term effects that include forgotten responsibilities, weight gain, backache, neck pain, and syndrome and vision problems.

The essay presents an elaboration of various forms of internet addiction. Effects of Drinking Alcohol Drinking alcohol is like taking a drug. It is a form of drug abuse, and drug addiction. This is a worldwide problem that many people are involved in.

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How to Prevent Drug Addiction? Essay Sample. Acknowledgement: We would like to thank the following persons, especially the one who help us to do our research paper (Mrs. Tolentino) and also our fellow co-student who gives some information about in our topic, our parents who support us most,especially God who gives strength and knowledge for us to finish this report.

The effect of addiction paper essay

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