Tips on how you can get along with college roommates

Unless you live at home while going to school, from the time you enter the higher education world until you leave it and probably beyond thatyou will be coping with people in your personal space—sharing a bathroom, the kitchen and the TV. In the land of shared space, problems arise frequently—and if you never deal with them, they have the potential to ruin any relationship.

Tips on how you can get along with college roommates

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Unlike other sites the posts on our site cannot be easily copied or searched using your email or photo Free and quick to post: Although that is a best-case scenario realized by millions across the country every year, living with roommates for the first time is best approached through a pragmatic lens, preparing for differences and learning to adjust to diverse lifestyles.

Living with a roommate can be one of the most educational and beneficial experiences of your lifetime, which is why you should definitely consider the arrangement when moving to a new location or city. When looking at data from the FiveThirtyEight statistics blog, researchers found that the average American will move As Americans, we like to move.

It can feel overwhelming and daunting, sporadically lonely, and altogether exciting. If you find yourself drowning in a pool of intimidation when considering your forthcoming new city move, know you are not alone. However, you can be proactive about your new life in a new city before you actually move there.

Tips on how you can get along with college roommates

As far as your living situation goes, you can even be proactive about your roommate sgetting to know them to the best of your ability before you make the big jump. Thankfully, with technology and social media, you can actually make an effort to get to know your roommate before you move into your new space.

This is one of the easiest and most laid back ways to get to know your roommates. You can learn about their job shobbies, and overall senses of humor, as well as how they like to spend their off time.

Look for any similarities between the two of you, and start a conversation about your joint passion. It will provide common ground that you can base a friendship off of. Living with a roommate is much more pleasant when you get along. This one is a little more forward, but if you feel like you have a lot in common with your roommate, suggest a FaceTime or Skype call.

This is totally dependent upon your personality type, and may not sound like a good idea to you.

Get Along with College Roommates - Art of Getting Along with Others

But, if the other person is receptive, you can have a chat or two about your expectations and the new city. If they are already familiar with the space, they can give you the lowdown and let you in on local tips and tricks you otherwise would not have known.

Texting is going to naturally occur between you and a roommate when moving in. While texting about your roommate list, try and make it more personal than simply going down the list.

Strike up conversation about joint items you own, and add a creative touch so you feel a friendship start to form before you come face to face.Tips for Getting Along with a Roommate Simmering in resentment will only make it more difficult to get along.

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23 Of The Best Damn Tips For Living With Roommates. For the love of god, change the Brita filter. For all your soon-to-be freshman, here are a few tips to ensure that you, too, get along with your new roommate and enjoy a fabulous first year of college: Start the .

20 Easy Tricks To Make Living With Roommates So Much Better. A second shower rod means you can hang a bunch of caddies and loofahs. Want awesome DIY tips in your inbox three times a week. There’s nothing like lighting candles to get the mood just right.

Try these tips from designer Stina Lanneskog to help you create a feeling of calm and coziness.

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