Y2k is not a big deal to me

Of the companies that HAVE filed Y2K information, reported their progress on the assessment phase of the problem. This is only an assumption, but it is based on the best information available.

Y2k is not a big deal to me

Y2k is not a big deal to me

How does Hysteria work? How does it grow? In the midst of an hysterical time HOW can we quantify the "overshoot" above or below the level of reality? Why did WC fail to gain critical mass in the s as Hilter rose and Germany clearly violated the Treaty of Versailles by rearming?

Why did Y2K become so ominous? The Soviets had have? Saddam had missiles that could reach Israel. Fixing Y2K issues was drudgery for programmers. The program code for time and date was typically old, not written or documented to then-current programming standards and NOT written by the person called upon to fix it.

IT people would never recommend a company switch to Macs. If the computers work, the IT people don't. CalvinV February 21, 2: When the clock ticked over to midnight the plane shut down. Now can you imagine if they hadn't been prepared for that and an unfixed plane had been flying at that time?

SeansW February 21, 4: In the auto industry many defects aren't noticed until there has been an injury or loss of life. Yes, Y2K affected many different high tech systems.

But really it didn't affect my day to day life. To take the apocryphal Boeing example, what possible reason would a programmer have ever had to put a check in his code such that the plane would shut down if the date was before a given date?

Perhaps something somewhere had such code for a dumb reason or by mistake, but anyone who has any experience programming knew that just wasn't likely to be widespread.

Y2k is not a big deal to me

Now, certain systems might have had problems. Keeping track of dates is important in accounting and billing code, so systems of that sort were probably very dangerous to companies' bottom lines.

Database entries might have been entered incorrectly, or bills sent out with the wrong date. That sort of thing. And there were probably some critical systems whose operation requires knowledge of past events for proper function, which needed to be updated.

But again, nothing like what the hype at the time was suggesting.

Y2K is Real. Here are the facts, authorities, and stories.

I expected that there might be several days' disruption of information systems and attending confusion as people coped, and figured it was as good a time as any to make sure my earthquake survival kit I live in California was up to date and I had paper copies of all my relevant financial information.

If the code hadn't been tested and an unknown bug were present, that could knock out that subsystem until someone rebooted it and entered a number it could cope with. It just shuts down. This is bad if you are at 30, feet at the time and the code is running the autopilot off switch.

That's why time code is important.

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Not that it's inherantly important, just that the exception handlers were not thought through. The reason we corrected almost all the Y2K problems is simply that we could simulate them so easily.For one thing, virtually everyone competent in the Y2K analysis-and-fixes business is already fully booked through January 1, and beyond.

Companies with Y2K problems often cannot find people to work on those problems. Not just enough people, but any people. The Y2K business is full of misinformation, hype, fear mongering and exaggeration.

Those questions lie at the heart of Surviving Y2K. kaja-net.com; Well, [the millennium is] always something that’s been a big deal for me, and I’ll tell you why in a second. But basically. Jan 01,  · Can anyone tell me how Y2K is such a big deal? Can anyone tell me how ISO/QS Y2K is such a big deal, besides the possible trouble of having the files stored into a computer database?

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If you work on a Windows PC, however, read on. No version of Windows is immune from the Y2K bug — not even Windows 98 or Windows NT. The first recorded mention of the Year Problem on a Usenet newsgroup occurred on Friday, 18 January , by Usenet poster Spencer Bolles.

The acronym Y2K has been attributed to David Eddy, a Massachusetts programmer, in an e-mail sent on 12 June He later said, "People were calling it CDC (Century Date Change), FADL (Faulty Date Logic).

Y2k is not a big deal to me